Website Design Case Study

Probiotic USA - official distributor of Progurt


Millers Pharmacy of Wyckoff, NJ are official distributors of Progurt Probiotics, selling these products both in store and online on their main Millers Pharmacy website.


Millers’ main goals were to grow their sales of Progurt and bring their name as a distributor nationwide by creating a separate website dedicated to the sale of Progurt Products.


Kim Korpics worked directly with Millers Owners, David and Rebecca Miller and Clinical Nutritionist, Bob Lukasik to create a clean website which achieved all of their objectives. The result was a professional, fully responsive e-commerce website which is easy to navigate as well as maintain, complete with a customer loyalty rewards program, a very important necessary key feature. Kim now maintains the site, as well as handles Millers print and digital marketing efforts.

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"Fabulous. Exactly what I want to hear"

Rebecca Miller Millers Pharmacy

“Good start I like the rotating images concept!’s all very wonderful.”

Robert Lukasik, DCN, FACACN Millers Pharmacy
Probiotic USA Website