Packaging Case Study

The Resilience Project - Icahn Institute for Genomics at Mount Sinai


The Icahn Institute in conjunction with Sage Bionetworks created The Resilience Project which aims to discover hidden factors that protect people from disease by finding those who are resistant or “resilient” to disease. In order to determine who these “resilient” people may be, a testing kit was developed.


The Creative Director and Senior Director of Marketing reached out to Kim Korpics for assistance in creating design concepts for packaging for The Resilience Project Testing Kit.


Over the course of the project, Kim designed and submitted various creative design concepts and worked closely with the Senior Director of Marketing to finalize a solution that achieved The Resilience Project’s vision and message. The result was a simple box with a printed sleeve incorporating Mount Sinai’s corporate branding as well as The Resilience Project's slogans, secondary partner logos, and creation of photo mosaic shield graphic made up of hundreds of headshots of people of various ethnic backgrounds. The shield graphic’s intent is to convey the message that “anyone can be a hero” or “1 in a million”.


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“Thank you Kimberly for turning this around
quickly. These are fantastic...”


“Thanks again for all your help. This turned out really well!”

John Ambrose, Esq. - Senior Director of Marketing Icahn Institute for Genomics at Mount Sinai
Mt. Sinai Packaging Shield Graphic Enlarged
Shield Close Up