Calendar case study

SML Group, Ltd - Green Resolutions Calendar


SML Group Ltd., a global apparel trim, packaging and technology manufacturer, creates a printed desk calendar annually which is distributed to all global employees, partners and customers as a holiday / year end gift.


Kim Korpics’ design was selected from a group of designs submitted by various designers around the world.


The calendar design concept was an eco-friendly theme, combining the idea of New Year’s resolutions and solutions to being environmentally friendly throughout the year. Each month a simple “green” tip or “resolution” was offered as a solution for helping the environment and livng a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, the calendar pages and base were printed and constructed from recycled papers. Environmentally soy based inks were used for printing. These materials and production methods tied in with SML’s belief in being an environmentally sustainable company.


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“ impressive Art Director with innovative design skills... ”

Paul Gnieser - Former Former Executive VP, Americas SML USA, Inc.
SMl Green Resoltions Calendar 12 months
Calendar Pages